Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Lord Jesus Christ is nowhere to be found in The Message

A search for the phrases "Lord Jesus" and "Lord Jesus Christ" at Bible Gateway turned up the following results (try it yourself). The number denotes the number of times that the phrase is found in the particular version. The reader may draw his own conclusions.

The author of The Message, is of course, Eugene Peterson, whose glowing endorsement of The Shack appears on the front cover of that book (see post below).

"Lord Jesus"
King James Version: 115
New American Standard Bible: 101
New International Version: 101
NIV-UK: 101
Today’s NIV: 102
New KJV: 115
21st Century KJV: 115
New Living Translation: 102
American Standard Version: 103
English Standard Version: 100
Contemporary English Version: 109
New Century Version: 104
Amplified: 109
The Message: 0

"Lord Jesus Christ"
KJV: 81
NASB: 63
NIV: 60
NIV-UK: 60
TNIV: 60
NKJV: 81
21st C. KJV: 81
NLT: 60
ASV: 65
ESV: 61
CEV: 59
NCV: 64
Amplified: 75
The Message: 0

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