Saturday, 24 January 2009

Rick Warren's kingdom is "not of this world"?

Pope Rick I (pbuh) occasionally takes a break from telling half-truths in order to tell outright lies:

I am neither religious left. I’m not a religious left because I don’t believe in big government for one thing. I’m not secular left. I’m not religious right, and I’m not secular right. I happen to be in the kingdom of God. My kingdom is not of this world.

"Not religious left"? Who's done more to yank evangelicalism way to the left than RW? "My kingdom is not of this world"? What about his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and Oxford Analytica? If that isn't "of this world," what is? And what about that trip to Syria a couple of years ago that he lied about? He didn't go there on behalf of Jesus Christ.

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