Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ambrose University College's "Jazz Day" provides evidence of increasing worldliness in evangelical schools

With each passing day, it becomes increasingly difficult to notice anything distinctively Christian in evangelical schools. As evidence, I submit the following item. Ambrose University College in Calgary, Alberta is the denominational school for both the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and Church of the Nazarene Canada.

All Jazz, All Day

The sound of jazz was heard throughout the Ambrose campus recently, as 40 students gathered for a full day jazz clinic featuring instrumental lessons, ensemble time, a student open mike session, and a faculty concert to end the event. Event attendee Joel Untinen felt that “it was a great experience to learn with other students, share ideas, and play together. It was also amazing to see the Ambrose jazz faculty perform together.”

The day’s faculty team consisted of clinicians Ralf Buschmeyer (guitar), Tyler Hornby (drums), Stefano Valdo (bass), Allistair Elliott (trumpet), and Pat Beliveau (sax) from Ambrose, as well as Carsten Rubeling (trombone) and Michelle GrĂ©goire (piano). The special guest clinician was John Daversa (trumpet), head of the jazz program at the University of Miami. “As a newcomer to the jazz world, it was exciting to meet and play with those involved in the local scene and learn from some of the best in the city,” commented James Sylvester, who also attended the day-long event.

Students were divided into groups for instrumental lessons and ensemble time. In the late afternoon, all of the students were able to participate in an open mike session. “They would have performed all evening if possible,” noted event coordinator Barbara de Bruyn.

Many students in attendance heard about Ambrose for the first time, with some now even considering attending Ambrose next year. Ambrose is one of the few schools in the city that offers jazz studies and clinics like this are an opportunity to draw students in as they experience first-hand what Ambrose music offers. Given the success of the first Jazz Day, the Music Department is already in discussion and planning for next year’s event...
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Just one question, Chief: Is there a kind of jazz that could be described as "Christian jazz?"

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