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Jesus condemned it, Rick Warren commends it

God's To-Do List: 103 Ways to Be an Angel and Do God's Work on Earth is a book by Ron Wolfson, published in 2007. Dr. Wolfson is president of Synagogue 3000, a movement dedicated to drawing Jews who may have strayed from the religion back into the fold. Modern Judaism is really modern pharisaism, rejecting Jesus as Messiah, and believing in works-based righteousness. For examples of what the Lord Jesus Christ had to say about this, read Matthew 23 (the entire chapter); Luke 11:37-53; and John 8:12-58.

The following is from the ad for Ron Wolfson’s book, but it reads as though it comes from Rick Warren:

You Are God’s Partner Put on This Earth to Do God’s Work
"What on earth are you here for? To do the tasks that God has for you…. You can call someone who is lonely. You can visit a friend who is sick. You can read a book to a child. You can comfort a mourner. You can volunteer your time. You can make a difference. You can give of your self—a self that is infused with godliness."
—from the Introduction

All human beings are made in the image of God. But for what purpose were you made? The biblical answer is clear: you are to imitate God in order to bring God’s presence into your life and the lives of others.

This practical guidebook to repairing the world—often in simple everyday ways—details the biblical accounts of what God does, not what God says: God creates, blesses, rests, calls, comforts, cares, repairs, wrestles, gives and forgives. For each of God’s actions, this provocative resource suggests what might be on God’s To-Do List for you, the many ways you can make small and great differences in the lives of others and find the ultimate source of meaning for your own.

An inspiring gift to uplift your spirit and share with others, whatever your faith, you can do God’s To-Do List.

Amid several endorsements from rabbis comes this from Rick Warren:

"This book is built on a great premise: Figure out what God does and then do that with other people! Simple but profound. I loved this book!"

January 20, 2011 update: The book no longer seems to be offered by All Judaica, as you will have found out by clicking on the link above. I've decided to leave the link in the post as a record of what was once available.

As late as 2006 Synagogue 3000 was offering, on its website, videos of Rick Warren's messages from his meeting with the S3K leaders on June 16, 2005. Joshua Avedon, S3K Director of Communication, said, "S3K invited Warren for a conversation with the S3K Leadership Network to specifically discuss the techniques and strategies pioneered by megachurches in building spiritual community." I couldn't find the videos in a recent search of the S3K website, but in 2006 I downloaded the following from their site:

Video Resources
Featured Videos:
Randy Kramer, master greeter.
Rick Warren meets with the S3K Leadership Network
On June 16, 2005 Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, the author of the bestselling "Purpose Driven Life" met with the S3K Leadership Network - Spiritual Leadership Working Group. Over the course of an hour and a half, Pastor Warren discussed the challenges and strategies of building a compelling spiritual community. His advice spoke directly to the mission of S3K, and his interplay with the S3K leaders demonstrated the common issues facing both churches and synagogues in attracting new members while serving the existing community.

All video is in Quicktime format. Download the latest version of Quicktime.

Topic Speaker Date Size
"Belongers and Believers" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 3.13M
"The Parameters of Faith" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 4.14M
"Congregational Transitions" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 16.2M
"Worship and Fellowship" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 4.42M
"Service vs. Serve-us" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 14.3M
"Doubt and Belief" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 10.1M
"Insiders vs. Outsiders" Rick Warren June 16, 2005 3.13M

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  1. This book is very enlightening. Each chapter is an eye-opener when it comes right down to why you are here. This books makes understanding God's purpose for us very clear, inturn it gives us insite on how to develop a relationship with God.