Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year’s Conclave 2011 of The Temple of the Presence offers instruction from the Ascended Masters

If the following is any indication, the New Age movement seems to be getting more up-front and "in your face" with its doctrines.
From Press Release Distribution, December 20, 2010:

Ascended Masters’ New Year’s Conference and Acropolis Sophia® Wisdom School Announced by The Temple of The Presence
Spiritual seekers and those interested in the Ancient Wisdom will want to attend The Temple of The Presence New Year’s Conclave 2011 to learn more about the Ascended Master Teachings.

Ascended Master Teachings
Many Sons – Many Daughters

Tucson, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) December 20, 2010

From December 29 to January 2 gather with other Ascended Master students in Tucson, Arizona, to participate in planetary releases of Spiritual Light and to receive direct instruction from the Ascended Masters. Experiencing this Light and spiritual enlightenment in person at this 5-day Conference, entitled "I AM Thy Kingdom Come!" offers an unprecedented opportunity to understand how to make the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. Live audio broadcasts of all Conference events are available free of charge through The Temple of The Presence website. A live, streaming video broadcast program is also available through The Temple’s e-commerce site. Seeing and hearing the live broadcasts is like sitting just feet away from the Ascended Masters as they deliver their Message of personal and planetary Freedom.

The Ascended Master School of Ancient Wisdom, Acropolis Sophia, follows the New Year’s Conclave from January 3 to 9. This Ascended Master retreat offers students spiritual Teachings and training on the Path of self-mastery and the realization of the God Self, the Mighty I AM Presence. During this 7-day session, receive live Dictations and Discourses from the Ascended Masters and engage in in-depth group discussions on the principles of Cosmic Law. This January’s Acropolis Sophia session, entitled "The Keys to the Kingdom," will teach students how to unlock the full force of the Christ Light by allowing the Mighty I AM Presence to act through them.

The Temple of The Presence makes the Teachings of the Ascended Masters available to all who desire to gain their eternal Freedom and serve God in Life. Learn who you really are, why you are here on this planet, and where you are destined to go. Find out how to use the Violet Flame, a gift to humanity from Saint Germain. Participate in live, scheduled broadcasts and view streaming video of Ascended Master Instruction on the great mysteries of life anytime through The Temple’s Helicon Broadcasting®. Watch our new, introductory video series to learn more about your own, indwelling Divine Self, the individualized I AM that I AM.

The Temple of The Presence is in the direct lineage of the ancient mystery schools that the great Ascended Masters of East and West have brought forth before the Western world over the past 150 years. These activities are organized by those Initiates on the Path for the great awakening of humanity. Please visit The Temple of The Presence (link) to learn more, to participate in scheduled live broadcasts, and to view top-quality streaming video of Ascended Master Instruction and spiritual awareness.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this press release is where I came across it--at a link on the home page of Synagogue 3000, a movement dedicated to reaching out to Jews who may have strayed from the religion in order to draw them back into the flock. Knowledgeable readers will recognize S3K as the organization whose leaders met with Rick Warren in 2005 "to specifically discuss the techniques and strategies pioneered by megachurches in building spiritual community." S3K leader Ron Wolfson's 2007 book God's To-Do List was endorsed by Rick Warren; see my post on that topic.

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