Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 years ago: Pierre Trudeau, Canada's worst Prime Minister, dies at 80

On September 28, 2000 Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984, died at age 80. A Canadian version of Barack Obama (even including a background with suspicious Communist connections), the hereditarily wealthy, charismatic "Kissing Flower Boy" legalized abortion and homosexual acts, effectively substituting secular humanism for the Bible as the basis of Canadian law; adopted the suicidal policies of official bilingualism and multiculturalism; emasculated Parliament while turning the Prime Minister's office into a one-man dictatorship; downgraded the nation’s military; poisoned relations with the United States while signing a "Friendship Protocol" with the Soviet Union; did what he could to destroy the Canadian economy; stole tens of billions of dollars from Alberta through the implementation of the unconstitutional National Energy Policy; intervened in the judicial system (with his henchmen Otto Lang and Jean Chretien) when he couldn't get his way and violated precedents in trying to remove my father from his position as a territorial court judge; and imposed upon the country a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that had the effects of destroying parliamentary supremacy in favour of the Supreme Court and of giving special "rights" to perverts, criminals, deadbeats, and malcontents. He took over a great country called Canada, and left behind him a multicultural monstrosity called, in Mark Steyn’s term, Trudeaupia.

Mr. Trudeau posed as a world leader, but the only world "leaders" who attended his funeral were failed former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The best analyses of Pierre Trudeau can be found in the columns of Lubor Zink in the Toronto Telegram and Toronto Sun, some of which were collected in Mr. Zink’s books Trudeaucracy (1972) and Viva Chairman Pierre! (1977). It may be oddly appropriate that Pierre Trudeau took office as Prime Minister of Canada on April 20, 1968, which was not only the anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler (whom Mr. Trudeau had declined to fight in World War II), but the day that British politician Enoch Powell delivered his "Rivers of Blood" speech, warning--prophetically--of the dangers of multiracial immigration; and that Mr. Trudeau died on the day that the United States Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of the marketing of RU-486, a pill that produces abortions.

Mr. Trudeau was saddened in his final years by the death of his youngest son, Michel, in a tragic accident, and Mr. Trudeau was reportedly expressing a belief in God and that he would see Michel on the other side. I don't know if Pierre Trudeau came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I'll be very glad if he did.

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