Friday, April 27, 2018

50 years ago: Canada goes under permanent foreign occupation

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; Psalms 33:12a

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

I should have posted this a week ago, as April 20, 2018 marked 50 years since Pierre Elliott Trudeau succeeded Lester Pearson as Prime Minister of Canada, two weeks after winning the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. At the time he became Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau, an ostensible Roman Catholic who was known for his secular humanist associations, was Justice Minister, supporting legislation to legalize abortion and homosexual acts. Just over a year later, both abominations had been legalized, signalling, as Pastor Perry F. Rockwood observed, that secular humanism and not the Bible was now to be the basis of Canadian law.

The country which is still officially known as Canada, but would be more accurately termed, as Mark Steyn put it, "Trudeaupia," is unrecognizable to anyone old enough (and this blogger is just barely old enough) to remember what it was like before Mr. Trudeau imposed his will from 1968-1984 (minus nine months from 1979-1980, when Prime Minister Joe Clark led a minority Progressive Conservative government). Trudeaupia, not a nation in any Biblical sense, has become increasingly godless over the past 50 years. The current regime, under Pierre's mentally and morally retarded pothead son Justin--who more closely resembles a bumbling character in a situation comedy than a Prime Minister--is the most evil and anti-Christian in the country's history, with examples too numerous to mention here.

The one thing I'll say on behalf of Justin Trudeau is that he's managed to do what I believed impossible: he has me thinking positive thoughts about Pierre Trudeau. While Pierre Trudeau's government legalized abortion, he didn't interfere in local ridings to overturn nominations of pro-life Liberal candidates, or refuse to grant charitable status to organizations that disagreed with his position, as Justin Trudeau has done. While Pierre Trudeau's government legalized homosexual acts, he didn't think it necessary to issue an apology by the government to those who had been dismissed as security risks in earlier days because of homosexual behaviour, as Justin Trudeau has done (echoed by "Conservative" Party "leader" Andrew Scheer). Justin not only tolerates no dissent within the Liberal Party--which as far back as February 1976 was referred to by former PC Prime Minister John Diefenbaker as "no longer the Liberal Party; it's the Trudeau Party"--but he seems intent on banning all dissenting views within the entire country.

For a crash course on when and where Canada went wrong, I recommend the first two chapters of Lubor Zink's book Trudeaucracy (1972), which may be hard to find, but is worth the effort. Readers with access to university libraries should examine Mr. Zink's columns in the Toronto Telegram from the first four months of 1968; they'll tell you everything you need to know. Mr. Zink's later columns in the Toronto Sun and his book Viva Chairman Pierre (1977) are also must reading. Here's an excerpt from Mr. Zink's column in the Telegram, April 5, 1968, the day before Pierre Trudeau captured the Liberal leadership:

Talking to delegates I find that most of those who support Trudeau cannot explain what attracts them to the man. Their commitment, bordering often on hero-worship, is largely emotional. Those who oppose him, recall that only five years ago Mr. Trudeau derided the Liberal Party as a bunch of idiots, campaigned for the New Democrats, and "preached socialism."

And from April 8, 1968:

When it was all over, I listened for comment amid the roar of Trudeau worshippers.
A delegate from Quebec said: "Good-bye Canada."
A Soviet delegate said: "Excellent choice. Trudeau will make Canada progressive."
A Cabinet minister muttered: "The Seven Days boys are in charge now."
A woman, taking off her delegate’s badge, said: This isn’t my party any more. God help us all."

Indeed, God help us all.

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