Saturday, February 11, 2017

Uber tells man's wife where he is--so she divorces him

and be sure your sin will find you out. Numbers 32:23b

As reported by Rob Waugh of Yahoo News UK, February 10, 2017:

A businessman is suing Uber after what he claims is a flaw in the app allowed his wife to follow his comings and goings – and she divorced him.

The unnamed Côte d’Azur businessman is suing for 45 million euros (£38 million) after the app allegedly alerted his wife whenever he used an Uber.

He claims that he logged into his Uber account on her iPhone, then logged out – but the phone continued to give her alerts when he used the service.

He is now seeking redress in the courts.

The alerts allowed his wife to see information such as his taxi driver’s name, and whenever he used an Uber – and allowed her to read them without his knowledge, Figaro reports.

The French newspaper said that it was able to replicate the issue – and receive notifications about someone’s Uber account, even after they logged out.

It’s not clear how many people might be affected by this – the issue does not seem to affect Android users..

A spokesman for Uber said, ‘Uber does not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses.
Click on the link to see the original article in French as reported by Elisa Braun in Le Figaro, February 8, 2017.
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