Saturday, July 9, 2016

10 years ago: The death of John Money

The evil that men do lives after them; William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene II

On July 7, 2006, New Zealand-born U.S. sexologist John Money died, the day before his 85th birthday. Dr. Money was a pervert who promoted the normalization of pedophilia and sexual reassignment surgery, and advocated the idea that gender identity is a matter of social learning rather than biology. His most infamous deed was the sexual reassignment surgery in the mid-1960s of David Reimer, a Canadian infant who had been left without a penis because of a botched circumcision. Dr. Money encouraged David's parents to have the boy's testicles removed, give him hormone treament, and have him raised as a female.

For years, Dr. Money promoted the sexual reassignment as a success story, but in 1997 David Reimer, who had previously been anonymous (known in the literature as "John/Joan"), went public with the revelation that the sexual reassignment had been a disaster, and that he had transitioned to living as a male at the age of 15. David's twin brother Brian died from an overdose of antidepressants at the age of 36, and David fatally shot himself at the age of 38 on May 4, 2004. The evil that Dr. John Money promoted has accelerated, and is now all but mandatory.

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