Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mormons participate in food bank drive

Related to my comments in the post below, here's an example of a group that worships a false god and preaches a false gospel performing the same kinds of community service works as those of many evangelical churches. Another backlog item, as reported by Catherine Griwkowsky of the Edmonton Sun, September 22, 2013:

When Mormons come knocking at your door, they’ll be hoping to collect food for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Volunteers with the city-wide food drive on Sept. 28 will hope to collect canned fish or meats, canned beans, macaroni and cheese, school snacks such as granola bars, fruit cups and juice boxes as well as peanut butter.

The food bank and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will team up for the food drive.

“For some, eating three meals a day is a luxury and hunger never takes a holiday. For these reasons, the Food Bank must ensure continued flow of food out to our neighbours in need,” said Marjorie Bencz, executive director for the food bank.

The snacks will go towards youth programs and agencies such as Crystal Kids...

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