Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Haredi Orthodox extremists suspected in attack on 4th century synagogue in Tiberias

As repoted by Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 29, 2012:

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- An ancient mosaic on the floor of a fourth century synagogue in Tiberias was irreparably damaged.

Some of the mosaic tiles at the Hammat Tiberias synagogue in northern Israel were smashed into tiny pieces and other parts were deeply scratched in an attack that occurred between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Graffiti also was sprayed on the site.

The damage reportedly will cost millions of dollars to repair.

Haredi Orthodox extremists opposed to archeological excavations of ancient graves are suspected of causing the damage, according to reports. Graffiti at the site read, "on each grave -- a site” and “a response over the years.”

The mosaic is the earliest such synagogue mosaic to have been discovered in Israel.

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