Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those "tolerant" pro-abortionists

This column by Christie Tucker in The Gateway, the student newspaper of the University of Alberta, is from September 26, 2000, but is still relevant, although I don’t know if she still holds those views (I hope and pray that the Lord has gotten Miss Tucker’s attention since then and granted her repentance to salvation). The perceptive reader will notice that Miss Tucker, like other pro-abortionists, doesn’t question the authenticity of photos of aborted babies. An acquaintance of mine named Harold Peacock perceptively observed that pro-abortionists accuse others of what they’re guilty of themselves, and Miss Tucker is no exception, accusing pro-lifers of distributing hate literature and comparing them to Holocaust deniers. She’s also guilty of a factual error in assuming that because the Student Union permitted Campus Pro-Life to have an information table, that it meant the Student Union was supporting the group. When I was in my first year as a U of A student in 1979-80, the Divine Light Mission, the organization associated with since-forgotten Guru Maharaj Ji, had an information table in the Student Union Building every Friday, and I never assumed that because the SU permitted this, that it implied that the SU supported the group’s beliefs. It doesn’t speak well for the state of education in 2000 that Miss Tucker was unable to understand that. The perceptive reader will notice that Miss Tucker doesn’t attempt to argue a factual case against Campus Pro-Life, but states that they shouldn’t even be allowed to present their views. For Campus Pro-Life to have an information table--which no one is required to visit--is to "passively antagonize" and is "harassing women." Isn’t "tolerance" wonderful?

I find it amusing that Miss Tucker says that pro-life groups "have the good fortune of being able to use the image of the fetus in their anti-abortion campaigns." That is, pro-lifers have the "good fortune" to have the medical facts on their side!

A decade before Miss Tucker’s column appeared in The Gateway, I was a member of U of A Campus Pro-Life, and I never saw any harassment or heard anyone in the group accuse women of murder (even just in the privacy of the group’s meetings). Speaking from experience, I’ve never attempted to prevent pro-abortionists from stating their views (I'm glad The Gateway published Miss Tucker's column), but when I put several dozen posters up on the U of A campus advertising a pro-life speaker’s appearance, all but one were torn down within one day of my putting them up (and those posters were put up in places where I didn’t have to get anyone’s permission before posting anything). I once had a bumper sticker that said "Choose Life" (or some similarly innocuous slogan), and even that was too much for a pro-abortionist, as I discovered when I came out of a grocery store one day and saw that the bumper sticker had been torn off the car in the parking lot. It would be nice if pro-abortionists would grant pro-lifers the tolerance that they claim to believe in.

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