Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Government of Canada funds Muslim Brotherhood schools and a Muslim school that brands Israel as a terrorist state

From the blog Blazing Cat Fur, posted February 21, 2011 (links in original):

Your Tax Dollars At Prayer Part 3: Ottawa has used $53,540.00 of your tax dollars to fund École Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Montreal under the SIP, Security Infrastructure Program, the purpose of which is to "Improve and enhance the safety of Canadian communities at risk of hate-motivated crime through the enhancement of their security infrastructure."

A bit about the school: "ALI IBN ABI TALIB SCHOOL strives to preserve the culture and languages of the international Muslim community by seedling into the children a pride in their heritage. We put a great emphasis on Qur'anic teaching and a proper Islamic conduct. As well we enable children to master the Arabic language to provide access to the original sources of Islamic knowledge." Oooo! That's nice and MultiCulty.

This is the sort of "seeding" that goes on at École Ali Ibn Abi Talib ( see jpeg).

"l'invasion israelienne qui a permis a l'etat israelien de gagner le trophee de l'etat officiel du terrorisme de racisme et de crimes contre l'humanite" Roughly translated "The Israeli invasion has won (Israel) the trophy as the Offical State of Terrorism, Racism & Crimes against humanity"

"...elle fait maintenant l'objet d'attaques criminelles continuelles par les soldat de l'armee d'occupation israelienne qui mene un nouveau genocide contre les enfants et les civiles rappelant les massacres de kana,sabra, chatila..." Rough translation "...the Israeli army is conducting a new genocide against children..."

"...notre celebration cette annee prend une autre dimension a cause des evenements tragiques qui a resulte le terrorisme zionnistes racistes" Rough translation "our celebration this year takes another dimension because of the tragic events due to the terrorist racist zionists"

More fun with your tax dollars. This is rich. Saudi Arabia has removed Muslim Brotherhood Books from schools because they preach violence and extremism. Ottawa, perversely, funds Muslim Brotherhood schools...

... Ottawa has funded the Olive Grove School run by the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada, to the tune of nearly $10,000.00 dollars under the Security Infrastructure Program

The Muslim Association of Canada follows the teachings of Hassan al-Banna founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; "MAC adopts and strives to implement Islam, as embodied in the Qur'an, and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Albanna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). "

I don’t believe for one minute that the anti-Israel positions of these schools represent the views of the present Canadian government, which is notable for its pro-Israel stands. Nor is the hatred expressed by thses schools a rejection or the antithesis of Canada's policy of official multiculturalism. Rather, this is among the natural consequences and predictable results of the suicidal policy of multiculturalism which all Canadian governments have espoused for the last 40 years. Unfortunately, the present "Conservative" government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper is as gutless, clueless, and suicidal as those of his predecessors. What passes for Canada in 2011 is really, to use Mark Steyn’s appropriate term, Trudeaupia. The policies of immigration and multiculturalism that have been in place since the days of Pierre Trudeau as Prime Minister (1968-1979; 1980-1984) are a rejection of the traditional idea of what a nation is, i.e. an identifiable people, usually united by such things as common ancestry, religion, or language.

"Multiculturalism" means that there’s no such thing as an identifiable Canadian culture. All cultures are relative, and it doesn’t matter what cultural prejudices people bring with them (and keep)--they’ll just automatically become Canadians because Canada is so wonderful. Of course, such policies ignore the fact that some of these cultures carry some pretty unpleasant baggage, which is not necessarily compatible with traditional Canadian ways. When it comes to citizenship, you can keep the citizenship of your old country, and just add Canada to the list of countries on your passport. Few will condemn such policies for fear of being called racist, and there isn’t an elected (or unelected) politician in Trudeaupia that I can think of (in contrast to some European leaders in recent weeks who can no longer ignore the obvious) who has the guts or wisdom to suggest scrapping policies that have destroyed a once-great and identifiable nation--which is a major reason I no longer vote in federal elections.

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