Thursday, April 22, 2010

20 years ago: Earth [-worship] Day 1990

On April 22, 1990 an estimated 200 million people participated in Earth Day observances on the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Events were planned in 3,600 cities and towns in 140 countries. About 750,000 attended a rally and concert in Central Park in New York City. Although it was promoted as an event to express concern about the environment, in fact by 1990 it had become Earth-worship Day: a promotional vehicle for the New Age movement, expressed as outright pagan nature worship. This blogger and fellow investigator Chris Milner attended the Edmonton celebration at Mayfair Park, and I noticed Albertans for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Vegetarians of Alberta, Citizens Organized for Animal Liberation, and Children of Gaia (whose banner, under their name, had the words "Worship the Earth") literally under the same roof in the same tent.

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